M.J. San Segundo

Call for candidates María Jesús San Segundo Award – AEDE Meeting 2024

  • Best paper presented by young authors.
  • The prize is awarded by the Scientific Committee.
  • It must be mentioned in the abstract submission the interest to be considered for this award.
  • Award for PhD students or post-doc (2 years max).
  • The candidate must be the presenter of the paper in the AEDE Meeting.
  • The co-authors do not  have to fulfill the requisites.
  • Amount: 500 euros (first prize), 250 euros (second prizes).
  • The award ceremony will take place during the gala dinner.

2023 Meeting (Santiago de Compostela)

Previous award winners

2022 Meeting (Porto)

2021 Meeting (Zaragoza)

2019 Meeting (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria)

Jornadas 2018 (Barcelona)

Jornadas 2017 (Murcia)

Jornadas 2016 (Badajoz)

João Firmino

First award for his paper «Class Composition and Student Achievement in Portugal»

Laura Requena Casado

Second award for her paper «Tuition Fees rises in the UK: Effect on degree choices»

Thomas Wouters

Second award for his paper «Segregation and school enrolment policy».

Jornadas 2015 (Madrid)

Alexandra Heimisch

Second award for her paper «Returns to ICT-skills»

Thomas Wouters

Second award for his paper «School choice determinants with preference data».

Jornadas 2014 (Valencia)

Michael Peacey

First award for his paper «Self-control at college»

Laura López Torres

Second award for her paper «Measuring school demand in the presence of spatial dependence»

Jornadas 2013 (A Coruña)

Jornadas 2012 (Oporto)

Sobre María Jesús San Segundo

  • Profile on El Pais
  • Wikipedia entry
  • Tribute book. Reference: MECyD (2011) Lecturas sobre Economía de la Educación. Homenaje a María Jesús San Segundo. ISBN: 9788436952285. Web link.